Date Title Speaker
November 10, 2018 Honesty in All Things Pr. Daniel Royo
October 27, 2018 God's Plan in Marriage Pr. Daniel Royo
October 20, 2018 That They Might Know Thee Pr. Dan Vis
September 1, 2018 Sevenfold Promise of God Cindy Mercer
August 18, 2018 What We Have to Do to Come to God Pr. Daniel Royo
August 4, 2018 The Blessings of the Creation Week Donna James
July 28, 2018 Family Feud or Family Aid? Pr. Daniel Royo
July 7, 2018 Waiting on God's Promise Pr. Daniel Royo
June 30, 2018 Jesus Has Been There and Done That Pr. Daniel Royo
June 23, 2018 Priests Among Us Pr. Daniel Royo
June 16, 2018 The Greatest Father's Love
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Pr. Daniel Royo
June 9, 2018 God's Temple: Then and Now Pr. Daniel Royo
June 2, 2018 Love Letter in Stone Pr. Daniel Royo
May 26, 2018 Direct Access to God's Presence Pr. Daniel Royo
May 19, 2018 Four Centuries of Psalms, Hymnns, and Spiritual Songs in America The Hartland College Choirs
May 12, 2018 Follow Me, and I Will Make You Fishers of Men Jaime Foronda