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 Sabbath School

Sabbath School at Burnt Mills is a special time set aside on Saturday mornings for all ages – newborns to adults.  This group-based session allows members to discuss and learn the Scriptures and relate it to our individual lives.  Our objectives are four-fold:  Study of the Bible, Friendship, Community Outreach and World Mission Emphasis.  We welcome and encourage visitors and guests to join us every Sabbath.

“The Sabbath School @ 9:15 am on Saturdays” begins with a short program of singspiration and special emphasis on missions followed by the various study groups. The general worship service is at 11:00 am.

The adults follow quarterly Bible Study Guides, which are published by the General Conference Sabbath School Department. The study groups develop and nurture relationships while discovering life changing Bible events. This quarter (July-September) our lessons are entitled "Biblical Missionaries."  The study guides can be found via the following link: http://ssnet.org/study-guides/lesson-archives/2010-2019/2015-q3-biblical-missionaries/

Children's Classes

Children's Sabbath Schools are grouped by their age from Cradle Roll thru’ Youth.  These groups are engaged for an hour and half of active learning geared to their stage of faith development. These classes provide faith shaping experiences that will allow and teach children to utilize the strengths in the Scripture in their day to day lives.  We provide a safe, secure and loving environment for children. 

Come Visit Us. We are here to serve for Christ’s sake.

For further details, please call 202-258-7279 or the church office at 301-593-8496.


Adult (1) Sancturay (2)
Sanctuary Middle - organ side
Main Floor
Pauline Brown,
Donna James
Adult (2) Pastor's Office Main Floor
James Morgan & Thomas Dunbebin
Adult (3) Stevenson Chapel Main Floor
Allwyn David & Lisa Lynch
Adult (4) –
Fundamental Beliefs
Library Main Floor
David Oh
Young Adults Music Room Lower Level
Michael Figueroa & Alex Karras
Adult (5) Room 14/15 Lower Level
Paul Paulraj & Jaime Foronda
Adult (6) Room 7 Lower Level
Nathan Purushothaman
& Lisa Lynch
Craddle Roll
(newborn to 4 y/o)
Room 10
next to Library
Main Floor
Arun Mathai & Daisy Singh
(4-7 yrs)
Room 11 Lower Level
Naomi Paularaj,
Anett John, Bonnie Perkins
(7-9 y/o)
Room 20 Lower Level
Susan DiBiase & Ann Dunbebin
Youth Room 3 Lower Level
Eric John
(10-14 y/o)
Room 9 Lower Level
Susanna Roe & Shyla John





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